There are no words to describe the heartwarming emotions I have felt in reading your comments.
~ Paul Adams

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We established The National Peace Commission in October of 2019 in Durban South Africa as a Voice of Public Opinion and TRUTH. We have a Museum of TRUTH and a Library of Evidence gathered over the past 27 years and more importantly during this COVID 19 period of crimes against humanity. It is important to have an information center that is relevant: builds unity and solidarity and those Relationships with critical thinkers and strategic planners and we have achieved this and look forward to working with you going into the future. Dr. P. M.As a legal professional, currently working on a lawsuit involving 2 Covid vaccine component manufacturers, I can tell you that your research and findings are very accurate. After reviewing the document production we have received the ingredients in the vaccines and subsequent animal studies are absolutely horrific. And I am not a doctor or an expert, but I can read and have common sense. The animal death rate in some of these studies was upwards of 90%. I hope these people are stopped soon. I am afraid by the time it's all over it will be too late and nobody will be able to be held accountable... I agree with your research 100% and will spread awareness within jeopardizing our client's privilege. J. K.Hello Mr. Adams,
I just wanted to thank you for the incredible work that you produced on this website regarding the Covid-19 "scamdemic" and offer a financial contribution to your efforts. Because of the information you collected and shared, our family was spared injury and my husband has so far been able to keep his federal job without submitting to the jab. I realize that it was no small task in researching and creating the content for your websites and it seems to me that you are a hero in this cause. Thank you for having the courage to take a stand against the corrupt elites, much like David did against Goliath. I believe that was the smooth stone that slew the giant. Your passion and determination had an impact on exposing corruption in so many arenas that I believe history will reveal that the ripple effect will be far-reaching. Although I am going to miss your informative and insightful videos regarding Covid-19, I am very thankful that you no longer need to make them. If you plan on producing other informational websites or videos, I would appreciate being added to your mailing list. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors. May God bless and keep you. Warm Regards. K.S.
This is a great site, thank you. Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public PolicyThank you so much for this gold mine of information, and for all the time and effort you put into it. God bless you! D. L. C.I want to personally congratulate you on the incredible amount of work you have so succinctly and deftly presented and made available. To have compiled it so well…and straight to the point…is not easy but you have succeeded x10. Jeff Rense Rense.comI am a DOD Civilian Firefighter and Air Force Reservist with Natural Immunity but apparently the regulations do not matter anymore with prior immunity. Thank you for all of your work. G.God bless you Paul. Thank you for your time and help. I pray your website has, is and will spark an awareness to billions of people! B. D.Hi Paul - I just discovered your website this evening. There are no words to express how thankful I am for all your hard work. I have been researching all of this from the beginning as well and your website blew me away and covered everything and more. I am in Maryland and will share it far and wide in my groups over here. Again, thank you for everything you have done. If you were closer and not on the other side of our country I would travel to meet you just to give you a hug! L. D.Your website is brilliant and I think it's the best source of documented information I have seen. This body of work will be your legacy and I am very thankful for your enormous efforts on behalf of humanity and particularly those who want to educate themselves. Well done - I can't thank you enough! T. H.Thank you for your tireless work in creating this resource for the world to know the truth. These crimes against humanity must be prosecuted and the perpetrators brought to justice for their complicity. May God bless you for your work. And may He have mercy on all of us as we watch in horror as this nightmare plays out. R. R.I want to say thank you for this wonderful website. Though I have been doing my research on my own, and have decided the vaccine is not for me, my adult daughter has already had one shot of the Pfizer. After strong words with her I have begged her to read your website and begin doing her own research. If it wasn't for you, I'd be at a loss at what to do because your work could possibly save her life. Thank you for everything you have done. M. M.Thanks for putting all this together. As a health researcher, I can appreciate all the work you put into this project. R. H.Thank you for all your great work. I found your information fantastic. I am in lock down Melbourne and your info came via Make Australia Healthy Again...Sol is the lawyer and he has also done and is doing great work. Thank you kind sir. Much appreciated. J.I want to express my gratitude for this site. I am soon to be 60 with heart issues and often refer to this site when I need a boost of encouragement to stay steadfast against the jab. The pressure is great, now from employers, and... well no need to go there, you already know. I just want to say thank you. A.Thanks for being there for humanity! Good job! A. W.Thank you for keeping the flame of truth alive! Robin R.Thank you for all your hard work. It touches my heart and I feel less alone. M. F.I don't even know what to say. Everything is here that I would want to say to anyone. You have done a stunning job & I salute you!!! A. F.Thanks for your courage in sharing this information! S. A.I cannot thank you enough for all you are doing!! God bless! S.This collection of Covid & VAX combined Truth will Stand Strong & Stand in Total Truth H. W. PhDGod bless you for all your work. M. B.THANK YOU! This is the most organized, simplified fact discovery. M. W.Thank you for your continued dedication to sharing info on Covid and the "vaccines." You, Dr Tennpenny, Rense, Mike Adams, Robert Scott Bell.......have all helped so many of us with Covid related info. R.God Bless you!!! You are amazing and courageous!!! May you be protected and rewarded for your Love and Light now and through Eternity. J. H.In my country, the Republic of the Fiji Islands, our PM, Frank Bainimarama issued a press release on Friday 9 July, 2021. In his statement, he said to civil servants and also to the corporate entities a government directive of no jab no job. People that have died from other diseases are all classified as Covid 19 deaths and the grieved relatives are speaking up exposing the lies. I and many fellow citizens of our country are glad that there are avenues like this where we can find solace from all this madness. M. S.Thank you for everything you're doing. R. F. A.Great site, thank you. I have been talking about it on my show and other. First heard about it from a caller on infowars. Weaponized News.What you’re doing is very important, and I thank you greatly. M. L.I would like to translate this website content to French. Thanks for a terrific collation of data someone can really dig their hands into. J. B.Thank you for all your work. You've done enough. Rest and let the others carry the torch. B.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your work and disclaimer on top is great. THANK YOU .... WE ARE THE MAJORITY. LOVE AND LIGHT FOR YOU!!!! J. W.It was an awesome compilation of info. Great work. R. R.WOW this is an incredible resourceful. Thank you for you hard work. Thank you! J.All of this information is excellent, you are such a dear soul to have done all this work! God bless you!! 💖 C.I'm waiting for the class action against these monsters. Thank you for your work on this!! B. H.You have made and created an excellent and informative site! I will keep following. S. H.Amazing website! Thank you. A.Thank you for your research and diligence D. S.Great info, thanks for putting it all together P. P.EXCELLENT comprehensive, well researched, well referenced, well presented, easy to read & understand document. MANY SINCERE THANKS for all your efforts to alert & educate the public so that people are able to make INFORMED DECISIONS! M. G.God bless you for the work you're doing. I truly appreciate the eye-opening information you have gathered and provided. I knew it was bad but didn't know the scope of it.
T. D. (Poland)
I keep trying to get all this information out there but facebook keeps censoring and taking the truth down. I have friends, neighbors and coworkers that have taken the jab and I fear for their lives and my safety being around them. I live in Michigan and the politicians are all pushing this crap by fear mongering. I keep praying that more truth comes out, more lawsuits keep popping up and people wake up to what is going on. Thank you for all this information. R. C.I shared this and FB took it straight down, saying I had an account warning. T. P.I would like to mention that I have been sharing this link all over Facebook. I have been posting this link on News, Medical, and Science pages on Facebook.Why would this be a violation to tik tok? B. L.I just want to send a personal message of great appreciation for your gathering of research and packaging it in a neat, easy to digest website.There is so much information on the subject that it’s overwhelming at times. I’m sharing with all that I know as a final warning and hopefully a line of defense as this ramp’s up once again to reach their 70% population inoculation goals. Mahalo & God bless you and your family. D. K.However, Facebook has once again restricted me from being able to post this link on public "Pages". Just thought I would pass this message along. This form of soft censorship is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. J. M.Not sure how I can put the screenshot in here, but Facebook censored me. A.Posted this to my FacebooK, I was threatened by them, made me take down your website.. so tired of their biased opinions! D.You probably realize this by now, but your message is being taken down by Facebook, Messenger and you can't even find your website '' unless you search for it on Duckduckgo. L. O.I have been trying to send a email and message to my family members with the link in the email and message and they will not send. Have tried sending with my apple and pc computers, no luck. I find it hard to believe big tech can review the content of my emails and decide that they contain info they do not want me to send. L. T.

Thank you for creating this extremely important site. I will be sharing the URL with many friends and strangers alike. A.I just want to thank you for your unending work and efforts you make on this website. You are truly a God-send. I am in a battle with my old employer and I cannot express to you how much I appreciate this website. I wish I could contribute, but I've lost my career over this bullshit. Thank you. Please continue because the fight is not over. JasonThanks for taking the time to do this. Excellent. D.Excellent, excellent that all this info is in one site. G. B.This is amazing! Great work! Thank you! L. K.We need to share this info. Thank you for helping to save humanity. P. P. M.Thank you for compiling this! S. R.A copy of this should be mailed to everyone. Not just on media but on paper. Heads need to roll. S. P.First I would like to thank you for this amazing website. This is the best website regarding this entire situation we are currently facing. J. M.What you’ve done here is STELLAR! A. S.Thank you Paul for all your hard work. I am currently seeking a medical exemption and want to gather as many facts as possible. I am thankful for this resource. P.Wow... Been trying to keep posted on the Covid19 fraud, your website is so well documented, great work, many thanks, hope the sleepers will have a glimpse of this info! JP. L.Thanks for all your most excellent works for humanity. M. H.You people are doing great work... We are with you in this.. if you need any help ... just ask. J. D.Omg.... thank you so much for this priceless life saving information!!! I am so grateful to you. My family are all sheep and it's been so stressful and frustrating. God bless you and keep spreading truth! I'm sharing this far and wide! A. M.For people trying to pass on information to loved ones, this website rocks. S. F.Wow, to whomever put this together! It is the most comprehensive, easy to read information I have seen. And I have seen a lot! Kudos~ and keep rolling. We're gonna stop this thing...and I don't mean a virus! L.Thank you for your information. Please keep me informed. It’s going to come that we are going to have to have “passports” for every day life. I’m not buying into the lie. T. H.This is incredible data. We need to social media this in a huge way. Twitter. Facebook Instagram. D. A.Thank you for your service. M.Thank you for your work to light the mass of ignorant people! C. M.This is probably the most succinct explanation for not taking the “jab” that I’ve encountered! L. M.Love this site. Love the simplicity and of course use of references as we all need to be air tight against the onslaught of “anti vax” propaganda. T. G.Thank you so much for the great compilation of truths that the world should know and understand. Praying that all will be able to grasp the message and take action if they can to save lives and hopefully lead to the punishment of the guilty ones. It is truly a crime against humanity. A very grave sin! 🙏 R. V.Thank you for getting this message out to people. I will not be getting vaccinated concerning a EXPERIMENTAL vaccine. I pray that people wake up to the fear mongering that is going on in the media. The media always seems to have an agenda. Blessing to you and yours.
P. S.
Thank you very much for keeping us informed. 🇨🇦 K. T.Praying for more truth to come out from this resource to benefit all nations. I'm a follower of Christ, God loves us all. R. D. R.Thank you for bringing this information out in the open. Just pray many will start educating themselves. Knowledge is key to making wise decisions. T.Just want to say thank you for putting this the point and concise!! L.Thank you for your dedication and time in putting this information together I’m hoping everyone I send it to wakes up to what’s going on
J. S.
THANK YOU FOR COMPILING SUCH A VAST ARRAY OF INFO INTO SOMETHING SO CONCISE. ITS GREAT TO SEE SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE READ IT AND SEE THE LIGHT. PERHAPS THERE IS HOPE AFTER ALL, ITS BEEN A LONG 16 MONTHS AS THE NOOSE TIGHTENED...... F. C.Thanks for sharing great information. My husband and I are not taking the jab, but have many family and friends who have. "Shared". V. E.Excellently put together! Praying this will reach the masses. L.Thank you for your great work and getting it out to the people. I too fight the good fight and use all this kind of info to ensure others know it and use it as well. Anything we can do to help we are sure to do!! Cheers !! N. B.Thank you very much for making this info - easy to understand & easy to share J. V.I would like to express my gratitude for all the educational labors you have deduced into making this site. It has been very informative and enlightening. I also would like to know if I can translate the contents in this site into my native language, since a majority of my family members have limited English understanding. N.Thanks for the great information ! S.Please send me any information. I appreciate all your efforts. No one can do what you are performing! My gratitude goes beyond what is happening with your website. THANK YOU beyond the BEYOND. A. M. R.Thank you ...... TRUTH. S. H.Great compilation. This is the biggest scandal the world has ever seen. The "pandemic" which never was, and the claims made thereof, grossly manipulated, makes one cringe at the thought of following CDC or WHO or any other institution in cahoots with these groups forcing the vaccine on those less informed. Criminal behavior I hope will be justly and effectively prosecuted. C. C.Thank you for compiling this information in such clear and concise language. A.Great information, thanks for putting this together. J.I believe everyone should join in a class - action lawsuit with Reiner Fuellmich and take every penny away from the WHO, CDC, NIH and everyone involved in this fraud on the world including Bill Gates, Fauci, Rothschilds, Rockefellers And the Media for pushing this on people, and also the Governors, especially Gov. Newsom in CA who is wanting to vax the children in the schools without their parent's knowledge or consent. L. E.WOW!!! I wanted to thank you for such an outstanding and awesome resource that is organize nicely and linked to resources that support your statements!...Thank you thank you thank you again and may God richly bless you for all of the time and effort spent on this website! S. H.Keep up the great work spreading truth about whats being done to innocent populations. R. S.God bless you for this vital, even life saving information. V.Love your site! F. R. N.Individuals who are taking the time to put this information together are few and far between - and would just like to take a moment to extend appreciation. I am sure there are many like me, who have family members that are blinded by the main stream propaganda, not taking the time to look into stats, press releases, and detailed medical reports in order to make an informed decision. This collection of information will help with showing people the dangers of mRNA experiments. Thank you. J. T.I love the content you have gathered here. What a tremendous resource. C. N.I don't want to sound like an echo.......but I have to thank you for this web site! You have organized the information in such a manner that I feel appeals to the masses and can make a real difference in sharing critical information. People need to know this information in order to make an Informed Consent. The vaccination efforts have tried to cover up the whole truth and is working over time to administer as many vaccinations as they can before the population starts to question. Thanks Again!! Outstanding presentation of critical information to have an Informed Society. W. J.Thank you. Putting the evidence together in a way that can be backed up by evidence is amazing. Leaves no room for doubt. I sincerely hope many of the so called 'elite' scumbags, those in government, WHO and the CDC are jailed for life. No parole. Justice is coming. L. A.

... and are saying

You and other brave warriors worldwide have great courage, integrity, and selflessness. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ❤️ I wish you good luck, success, and good health. E. O.Hello, I emailed you several months ago when I first discovered this website. I am an RN working for a privately owned health clinic that employs approximately 3,000 people. I will forever praise and thank you for all the information in this website. I NEVER wanted the "jab" but unfortunately my employer was one of the first to mandate the "jab" - no jab, no job. My husband and I tried desperately to figure out how we could make it on one income as both of us are absolutely AGAINST this poison they are putting into people. Long story short, after finding out from attorney that as long as employer offered medical and/or religious exemption, we had no recourse. My employer (which has 3 MDs running the company) made it clear that exemptions would be looked at by "leadership" but would in rare cases may be approved. I ended up backed into a corner simply because we cannot survive on one income so I was forced to take the jab (the entire time I verbalized my DISGUST and NOT OK with this jab to every person I encountered during the process). 3 weeks and 1 day after receiving the second jab I ended up in the ER with chest pain (on 9/22/21). Blood pressure was through the roof, chest pain continued - nothing was found in the tests the hospital did. ER Dr. failed to tell me that my D-dimer lab came back elevated (D-dimer indicates potential clot somewhere in the body). Normal level=less than 500 - my result: 2,836. Sent home to follow up with primary care provider which I saw on 9/23 - he ran blood tests and I received results 9/24. His nurse called me to tell me labs show I likely have LUPUS. Now I have to see a Rheumatologist for this nightmare which I am 100% CERTAIN the jab caused. I am absolutely disgusted that employers can get away with this! My appointment with rheumatologist is on 9/29/21 and I will then find out what is going on (hopefully). I still have constant chest pain and was also told I have inflammation throughout my body inside. I am ashamed of myself for taking this jab even though we would be homeless with just one income. I applaud you EVERY SINGLE DAY for your research and for getting this information out to the public. I will continue to come onto your website as it is the ONE thing that makes me breathe a bit easier knowing you are making a difference. It's too late for me now, but I applaud you and have (and will continue to) referred many many people to this website. God bless you! L. C.No one else has compiled this complete, comprehensive body of work and it is brilliantly organized and presented. This is clearly your destiny and you are a hero! T. H.Greetings from Malaysia. I am impressed by your work. Your portal is like one of the few rays of truth in a world shrouded in lies. Your information on the dangers of mRNA vaccines are comprehensive and up-to-date. Thank you. T. S.Hello Paul, I reached out to Joey Gilbert Law and am working with Andrea. She's amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME HER INFO. MAY THE BLESSING FLOW YOUR WAY! N. P.Mr. Adams you have compiled the most easy to follow site on this sham! You are doing gods work sir, I just want to thank you for all your efforts and if we can just save one person from getting the kill shot then we have succeeded. G.THANK YOU for this excellent collection! May you have all spiritual protection in your good efforts. V.Keep up the good job. People like you are what the world needs now more than ever. P. H.FANTASTIC SITE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD AND BRAVE WORK SAVING HUMANITY. G. M.I would like more information on legal rights of American citizens to refuse this shot. Additionally, would like to join an American class action lawsuit against this jab. Thank you for taking the time to put this website together and for keeping it updated. Thank you and God bless you! J. Y.Thank-you Paul for summarizing and spelling this "scamdemic" out so clearly as to where we are up to this point in time. I will post this article out through social media to hopefully share it with others. Thank-you so much for your great work. I don't know the words to fully expressing my gratitude for yourself and others that are investigating, speaking out and taking a stand against this horrendous crime against humanity. I will speak for the rest of humanity and deeply thank-you for all your hard work and efforts to reveal the truth and protect us all. Thanks again. D. P. M.Ed., CCC (Canada)This so called vaccination is all about World Order . Thank you for bringing out the truth . Much love to you all. B. S.Thanks for providing such a genuine comprehensive info on COVID vaccines that I can share with friends and family. God Bless your work. I pray that Truth will come out soon on this evil devil scheme. May the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ protect this world from this evil scheme. R. F.Just to say thanks for the awesome website and for the information held within. Keep up the crucial work. P.Thank you so much for this outstanding presentation. This must go global, this genocide event that was pre-planned to exterminate us must be shouted from the roof tops and shoved down every governments throat. This madness must be stopped immediately! A. P.Having followed this pantomime from the early days and reading as much as I could about this scamdemic, I have to say it is a real privilege to have come across nojabforme. Superbly detailed and resourced, but, most importantly, reader friendly and easy to follow. Well done and for heaven's sake, keep up the good work. God bless you. K. R.Thank you for this concise and clear document. S. C.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You and your web site are a ray of hope for me. I have forwarded your site to at least 20 like-minded friends and family. And you will now be in my daily prayers. Bless you! J.I just can’t thank you enough for your relentless work to help the common wo(man) and children...Thank you. L.... thank YOU for your website and everything you're doing. Thanks for fighting, you people are absolute heroes. M.Thank you Paul Adams for this critical work, and God bless you and yours. May God have mercy on all of us. M. L.I love your site and keep up the good work!! Uncensored truthful information is what the people really need to read and hear! D. B.Thank you many times over. Your work is fantastic. S. L.The web site is amazing. Thank you for the impressive investment in time and effort it must have taken. I pray it bears much fruit and informs many. God bless you for constructing it. R. T.Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have put into this. L. G.Thank you SO MUCH for this powerful, well organized information. I am beyond grateful. T. L.Thanks sooo much...will definitely share to everyone I know. D. Z.i have a deep appreciation for the work that has been done to build this site.. this gives me so much hope in such a turbulent time...that's all.. thank you so very much! K.This is the very best all info site I’ve ever come across!!!! Thank you. I’m sharing definitely ! I will NEVER take that shot. K. S.I’m in awe of the work you’ve done and continue to do to provide us all of the facts in relation to this experiment jab! I love watching people such as you that are using your God given gifts to wake up and save humanity. Thank you for your faithfulness. I will be sharing this site far and wide. May God bless and keep you hidden from the enemy. J. L.Thank you thank you thank you! J. G.This is long, but very worth at least scanning through...The most information I've seen from one source yet. W. B.
Well thank you for that , i will not go for the Vaccine since it's on trial stage until 2023. S. Z. I.
THANK YOU FOR WORKING SO HARD TO SAVE HUMANITY! WE STAND WITH YOU! BESIDE YOU! BEHIND YOU! D. JTHE most important site ever posted on the internet. The most important message to humanity since the one delivered by a guy named Jesus a little over 2000 years ago. He came as a poor teacher, not a rich-beyond-all-imagining king. Concern for others surpasses death and knows no fear or pain. The desire for control born of pain and fear has always paved the road to Hell on Earth. It's time we remember and never forget. L. L.I just stumbled upon You!!! I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU. R. M.Your site is great and very well documented while being simple and easy to read. E. P.I admire the way you have gathered all relevant information and distilled the essential facts and presented them in a streamlined way. J. S.Your document could serve as a focal point around which other like-minded individuals and organisations can gather and develop momentum as a world wide movement to oppose the totalitarian march on us.This is absolutely one of the best sites for information about the fake covid outbreak and the experimental gene therapies. Thank you so much for doing this. M. W.My father died 31 days after receiving his second Moderna jab. While I have no evidence that is what killed him, 90 days prior to his getting the second jab, he had bloodwork which showed not even any kidney impairment, yet alone signs of failure. 28 days after getting the second jab, his kidneys failed 100% and doctors were unable to do anything to help him over the 4 days he was in the hospital. They were completely puzzled as to what caused his kidneys to just shut down. My mother chose not to have an autopsy though I’m doubtful that they would have blamed the vaccine anyway. Thank you for putting this site, with all of the research, together. I will share it with everyone I can. C. B.Thank you for such an informative break down of the atrocities that are happening. I would like to know how I can continue to stay informed on the developments of these cases or help in any way. Thanks! K. F.This presentation will save countless lives if we can get it out there...Great effort and thank you. D.Terrific site. Shared it to my contact list and posted it on my FB page. J. S.Thank you SO much for doing all the work it took to put t s very easy-do-read site together. Truly, a life saver. Many blessings to you!! S. P.What an amazing piece of work this site it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is what I've been looking for - all in one place so I can send this to my family and friends. I was thinking, maybe we could translate this to Polish language? I can help. What do you say? M.Thank you for all the effort given putting together this document!
I have shared on my FB page, and hopefully,
this message will get shared by many. J. E.
We are gladly donating to your work. This is by far the most comprehensive study and assembled information that we have found. We will share this info with everyone we know. Thank you and may God Bless you and keep you safe and well. W. W.Thank you for this article, it blew my mind . Thank you for getting the truth out . I am praying for the evil to be stopped , and praying for America . And the terrible lock down of the UK Blessings. A.What a profoundly thorough site with information I’ve been reading scattered throughout various info sites channels all tightly packed into one wonderful, digestible article! I’ve been waiting for this and it appears like magic! What an enormous amount of effort by you and your team! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Easy to share. K. M.I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to develop this website — it is invaluable! S.Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be spreading this good word! D. G.The information you have compiled is simply the best out there....a million thanks for all the work you are doing, it is immensely appreciated. K. H.Great site - this is an information war and this type of info needs to get out to the masses asap - I suggest u tweak the content in English for the EU, and also do a German language version. T. V. O.Thank you for your superbly executed service to humanity. I just donated $50. I feel bad that I haven't done more and may soon. R. L.Awesome effort. Love to you. L. B.This is great informative masterpiece M. J.Really loved how you put all of this together. It's truly excellent and I have shared it to my social media. L. O.Your message is also received in The Netherlands, and being shared, thanks. K. W.Wicked site and well written!!! Thanks for your fight in this war on truth ❤️🙏🏻 Love and prayers. J.PLS, PLS, PLS GET THIS TRANSLATED TO AS MANY LANGUAGES AS POSSIBLE!! L. W.Very enlightening indeed. Thank you very much. D. M.This means so much to me...thank you for sharing the truth! I am just sad we couldn’t reach more people before they got the jab. R.A breath of fresh air. I republished. B. S.I do love your site. Information galore. Thank you. J. W.Thank you! Excellent source of information to further push our birthrights while the tyrants continue to push at us! K. D.The information you have compiled is simply the best out there, but I think what is missing to really convince people about what is going on, is the WHY. K.We NEED to charge and bring to trial IMMEDIATELY the Prime Minister and Cabinet, All Provincial Premiers and All Medical Personnel responsible for dispersing orders at the Federal, Provincial and Local levels in regards to this Fraud. We should also bring vigorous lawsuits to ALL Mainstream Media for complicity. As a personal response I will NOT pay any Taxes to an illegal Government until THIS Government is replaced by a newly elected body free of any charged personnel. C. B. D.I will definitely pass the information to everyone I know and hopefully they'll stop and read it and at least educate themselves, on what their getting please keep on going and thank you from my heart.😍 B.Brilliant work my friend, I shall share as much as I can. G.Thank you for all this information on one site I will share every single day until people wake up. You are very appreciated, may God bless you! M.Aloha Mr. Paul Adams, I just want to send a personal message of great appreciation for your gathering of research and packaging it in a neat, easy to digest website. There is so much information on the subject that it’s overwhelming at times. I’m sharing with all that I know as a final warning and hopefully a line of defense as this ramp’s up once again to reach their 70% population inoculation goals. D. K.I just have to Praise God for you!. THANK GOD for Paul! Amen. N.Incredible, well researched Information. U. S.THANK YOU FOR THIS EXCELLENT WEBSITE!!! I simply want to say thank so much for putting together all of this information in one place. D. V.Impressed, really good effort! Thank you. Keep fighting the good fight! K.Thank you so much for producing this wonderful, concise, easy to read and understand, document so full of the knowledge that shines of hope for now and the generations to come. I am grateful for your Great Work ! M. C. A. R.Excellent work, thank you. G. H.The satanic Gates-game is over!!! Thank You, HOLY CREATOR for thwarting this crime against humanity! The evil system must be destroyed! A. L. (Estonia)Thanks for sharing this site. It has so much in just one place! S.Amazing work. Request you to make available more info directly related to the vaccines in India, namely the Covi-Shield. G. T. K.Thank you for the great work you have done. Excellent Info. Well Organized. Now I will have detailed information to give to my family and friends that may help them to hopefully make good decisions and continue research on their own.
Thank you again! J. M.
Thank you for putting this together and obviously updating it regularly. God Bless You!! D. I.I want to thank you for all the research that you have provided and hopefully with the Lord Jesus Christ help we can inform the world population! T. C.Thank you for creating this website and for sharing the TRUTH! This information is critical for all to see! T. T.

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Crimes Against Humanity consists in depriving the public of the Full & True Facts on the Survival Rates of a Disease, the Nature & Dangers of the Covid Vaccines and on the availability of Proven Therapeutics.Results by State.

StateFull FactsSafe JAB*Cites mRNA
New HampshireNOYESNO
New MexicoNoYESNO
North CarolinaNOYESNO
North DakotaNOYESNO
Rhode IslandNOYESYES
South CarolinaNOYESYES
South DakotaNOYESYES
West Virginia(14)NOYESNO

* The idea that a body of the people's representatives and their Governor would label these vaccines as SAFE while they do not mention:
- effective therapeutics (Florida is the exception)
- humans are the guinea pigs in these clinical trials that will end in 2023
- the disastrous animal studies
- the rising adverse events in pregnant women
- the risks of introducing a pathogen into people with pre-existing conditions
- the potential for cytokine storms in the event horizon
- or the dangers of SM-102 in Moderna
- the VAERS WONDER chart showing Pfizer & Moderna as the two deadliest vaccines
is more than enough reason to have them arraigned.(1) Alaskans must email for further Covid Vaccine information:"The COVID-19 vaccines are being held to the same safety standards as all vaccines. In order for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve COVID-19 vaccine use in the U.S., the vaccines have to show they are safe and effective with the benefits from the vaccine being greater than the risks" (Lie)(3)"COVID-19 vaccines authorized by the FDA have been shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials. These vaccines were authorized only after it was found that they make it substantially less likely you’ll get COVID-19." (Lie)"COVID-19 vaccines teach our immune systems how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19." (Lie)"These vaccines have undergone the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history, using both established and new safety monitoring systems" (Lie)"Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19" (Lie)(4)"Yes. COVID-19 vaccination is especially important for people with underlying health problems like heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and obesity. People with these conditions are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19. It is recommended that people with these conditions get vaccinated. Individuals who have had prior allergic reactions to injectable medicines should consult with their medical providers before receiving a COVID-19 vaccine." (Lie)"There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 vaccination causes any problems with pregnancy, including the development of the placenta. In addition, there is no evidence that fertility problems are a side effect of any vaccine, including COVID-19 vaccines." (Lie)"Serious side effects (also known as adverse events) are extremely rare. The federal government takes all reports of vaccine adverse events seriously." (Lie)"Yes. Pregnant or breastfeeding people may choose to be vaccinated. Talking to a health care provider may help with deciding whether to get the vaccine, but it is not required for vaccination.""All available vaccines are shown to be highly effective at preventing moderate, severe, and critical COVID-19 illness, hospitalization and death" (Lie)"All phase 3 clinical trials have Data Safety and Monitoring Boards. The boards are made up of independent scientists hired by the company to look at the safety data and check at regular intervals whether the company should cancel or continue with the study. After the clinical trials, two independent advisory committees review a vaccine’s safety data before it is made available to the public."(5) "All three vaccines are safe and highly effective against illness and death from COVID-19". 100% Effective(6) Florida has a toolkit to increase Vaccine Confidence. The NWO knows no parties. Florida has the lamest FAQ site and can force vaccines if it so wishes(7) "Yes. If you are pregnant, you may choose to be vaccinated when it is available to you. There is currently no evidence that antibodies formed from COVID-19 vaccination cause any problem with pregnancy, including the development of the placenta.People who are trying to become pregnant now or who plan to try in the future may receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to them. There is no evidence that fertility problems are a side effect of any vaccine, including COVID-19 vaccines. There is no routine recommendation for taking a pregnancy test before you get a COVID-19 vaccine" (Lie)"In certain public health emergencies, FDA may issue an Emergency Use Authorization or EUA which allows a drug or vaccine to be used when there are no sufficient treatments or vaccines available. The FDA may grant an EUA once studies have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine but before the manufacturer has submitted a license application and/or before the FDA has completed its formal review of the license application." {No mention of existing therapeutics)(8)"The science to develop mRNA vaccines has been studied for decades and explored for other types of virus vaccines and also in cancer research. The vaccines were developed more quickly than ever before because the U.S. government accelerated the timing of meetings and because a lot of funding was made available to develop the most promising vaccines. No scientific shortcuts were taken. The safety and efficacy standards for vaccines seeking Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) are higher than for other vaccine candidates going through the vaccine testing and approval process. Multiple agencies and groups in the United States are working together to make sure that a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is available as quickly as possible." (LIES)(9)"No deaths have been attributed to the COVID-19 vaccines to date....An event following receipt of vaccine does not mean that the vaccine caused it."(LIE)"Yes. If you are trying to become pregnant now or want to get pregnant in the future, you may get a COVID-19 vaccine when one is available to you.There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 vaccination causes any problems with pregnancy, including the development of the placenta. In addition, there is no evidence that fertility problems are a side effect of any vaccine, including COVID-19 vaccines."(LIE)(10)"Safety is the top priority in authorizing all vaccines. Rigorous research and testing with diverse populations have demonstrated that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe."(LIE)(11)"Vaccines contain the same germs that cause disease. They have been either killed or weakened to the point that they cannot make you sick." (Lie)(12) Texas is a special case. Although it lists Myocarditis and Pericarditis as side effects, it still strongly recommends the vaccine."Safety is the top priority for any vaccine. Early results from the first COVID-19 vaccines tested in people showed it worked as intended with no serious side effects." (Lie)"Studies show that COVID-19 vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting COVID-19" (Lie)"Experts are still learning about what percentage of Texans would need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. This term describes when enough people have protection, either from a previous infection or from vaccination" (For a disease with a 99.9% survival rate, herd immunity can easily be obtained without a vaccination. Any herd of cattle knows that)(13)"Side effects from the vaccine are normal signs that your body is building protection against COVID-19. They might even affect your daily activities but should go away in a few days. Some people have no side effects. Common side effects are:Pain, swelling or redness on the arm where you got the shot
Muscle or joint pain
Nausea or vomiting"
Can you spot the Bullshit?(14) One of the worst FAQ sites
(15) Ditto
You will find the same kind of obfuscation, lies and omission of critical facts in all State Covid19 Vaccine FAQ documents.